Dear Friends,

As you know, we have been aware for weeks of the delicate situation that is being experienced throughout the world. First of all we would like to thank you for the patience you are showing in these difficult times. In an exercise of transparency, and in order to reassure you, we would like to share with you what is the current scenario we are facing as a festival, so that you are informed.

We are aware of the current restrictions, which prevent any type of mass event and which could affect the celebration of festivals in the summer season... As we have already told you, the safety and health of all parties (public, workers, artists) is the main thing and we will never put that principle before a situation like the present one.

Last April 28th, the president in public appearance announced the phases of de-escalation of the COVID-19 and the return to the "new normality". This gives hope where before we could only see darkness, with the gradual return to our routines.

Currently the dates in which "Medusa Festival" is held are out of force majeure or restrictions, but that does not mean that circumstances can change or suffer limitations as has already been seen in other countries of the European Community.

As you can imagine, the volume and scope that the festival has acquired in recent years, involves hundreds of contracts with artists, suppliers, sponsors and so on. These cannot be broken unilaterally, a force majeure clause is needed that can only be given by the government. It is of vital importance, since in Spain there is no type of insurance that covers a health crisis like the current one. In many countries in Europe it has already been implemented and here we are waiting for that to finally happen.

That is why no decision has yet been taken regarding the decision to postpone the festival. Workers, small and large companies, technicians and other sectors would be terribly harmed. We do not forget the hard blow that this means for the local hotel industry of Cullera and surroundings that thanks to the festival receive a great economic impact.

The festival has been working in all possible scenarios collaborating with different public institutions regarding the COVID-19 and thanks you for the patience and understanding you have always given us.

Realistically, there is a possibility that our 7th edition "Circus Of Madness" will have to wait until 2021, although there is always a ray of hope in our hearts. All agencies and artists are actively collaborating in this situation with deep understanding, seeing the possibility and availability for next year.

About the tickets we will give all the specific details later on, but in case of cancellation, we will have the deadline marked by the applicable regulations for the return of the tickets and, in case of postponement, the tickets will be valid for the new date. In any case, the information will be sent personally to each user by e-mail.

We count on your support to be able to enjoy again the experiences that Medusa Festival offers us in Cullera beach. Now more than ever, support the culture, the music and the music scene in all its aspects.

We will keep you informed. Much health for all and above all, music.

See you soon.

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